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Development Phase

These initial steps must be performed to provide a feasible and attractive investment opportunity in Renewable Energy assets:

  1. Solar Site assessment
  2. Design review and optimisation
  3. Independent Energy Yield assessment
  4. Review of financial model assumptions
  5. Key Component assessment
  6. EPC and O&M tender
  7. EPC and O&M Contractors competence review
  8. Grid Connection Oversight
  9. Definition of requirements and tender for SCADA and security systems
  10. EPC and O&M contract review and negotiation
  11. Lease negotiation
  12. Planning applications
Construction Phase

After solving the design of the project and all permits obtention, the construction and installation of the plant is initiated. Quintas Energy can assist you during this phase supporting your teams in:

1. On-site supervision of construction and reporting
2. EPC management & performance oversight
3. Review of security and insurance arrangements during construction
4. Attendance to key components assembly and final tests in factory
5. Supervision of compliance with environmental and planning conditions
6. PPA tender
7. Preliminary O&M tender

Commissioning Phase

Start-up and commissioning is the crucial part of the design/build lifecycle where the asset begins transitioning from the construction phase to the operations phase. It is imperative to fully evaluate the asset for a safe start-up. This is where a lot of unexpected things can go wrong. To avoid any potential risks and issues, Quintas Energy offers the following actions:

1. Review of commissioning documentation and milestone confirmation
2. Supervision of Work Completion tests
3. Supervision of plant energisation on site
4. Provisional Acceptance Services
5. Open items review from PAC settlement and Punch List sign off
6. Notification to third-parties (landlords, Council)
7. Warranty bonds and retention reconciliations

Operational Phase

Plant underperformance can arise through poorly executed works during commissioning and construction. They can also occur during operation as a result of equipment degradation or unexpected problems. Quintas Energy solves this by offering a full range of services, such as:

1. Technical Component Review
2. Multifunctional Due Diligences & Red Flag Reports
3. Operational Performance Analysis
4. String analysis and Insolation Faults
5. Technical Incident Assessment
6. Expertise On-site
7. O&M tender
8. Operational Contracts optimization
9. Loan Compliance
10. Asset Life Extensions
11. Grid liaison services
12. Accreditation Audit Support

Featured Products
Dynamic Asset Register
Managing a portfolio of asset is becoming more and more difficult as data structures of on-site devices vary more and more from manufacturer to manufacturer.
Tenders & Handovers
Tenders & Handovers are important opportunities in the life of an asset or portfolio to improve significantly their performance.
Financial Modelling Support
Set up and/or review of financial models to test assumptions and outputs.
Financial Due Diligence
A complete review of the accounts, finances and reports of a target SPV prior to acquisition.
Red Flag Report
A concise but effective overview of financial, technical or legal ‘red flag’ items prior to initiating a full DD or acquisition.
Acceptance Services
Verification that projects have passed all milestones and fulfilled all obligations before signing their acceptance certificate.
24/7 Monitoring Services
Control room services for assets that require 24/7 monitoring and responses to incidents.
EPC Supervision
Supervision of EPC performance during the construction phase to avoid hidden defects and ensure a smooth transition to the operations phase.
Expertise On Site
Quintas Energy site visits and drone surveys during the construction phase for detailed reporting on progress and quality.
Statutory Accounts & Financial Statements
Special accounting services for distributed generation portfolio to ensure their financial reporting and related obligations are accurate.
Contract Optimisation
Quintas Energy’s experience and process driven culture can help to optimise contracts for full operational effectiveness.
Regulatory Support
Quintas Energy’s years of experience in our core markets gives clients the additional regulatory support they need to remain compliant with the many requirements of national legislation.
Energy Yield Assessments
A detailed assessment of the likely production of an energy asset including all assumptions and plant characteristics.
Expert Aerial Inspection
Drones can replace traditional, labour-intensive tasks & provide value across the complete lifespan of a solar asset, from its initial planning and/or design to its ongoing maintenance.
Corporate Tax & Tax Filings
Quintas Energy’s accounting team can take over this important process and assist clients with the preparation and presentation of tax filings for their SPVs and Holding Companies.
Independent Incident Management
Quintas Energy’s multi-disciplinary team can analyse incidents of all kinds and manage them to their resolution.
Thank you, your enquiry has been received.
Unfortunately your enquiry could not be sent at this time. Please email us at: enquires@quintasenergy.com
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