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Service Description

The objective of acceptance processes is to verify that projects have reached specific development, construction and operational milestones in optimum condition.

Quintas Energy assists owners and EPCs in the planning, execution and closure of the acceptance processes, whether they are preliminary, intermediate or final. This is supported by specific site visits for acceptance processes which include string, RISO and thermographic analyses, as well as a live punch list follow up and closure to ensure that all findings are dealt with by EPCs until they are compliant with the acceptance standard.


Every EPC project goes through a set of phases during a 2 year-warranty period. During these periods, it is key to supervise and follow up constructors’ works to ensure that the project meets the contractual quality standards. Otherwise, Quintas Energy can initiate the required actions to guarantee the compliance of contractual warranties that might apply.

Service Main Features
  • Ariadne Acceptance Processes Dashboard
  • Contractual Performance Ratio (PR) calculations
  • Negotiations support towards EPCs
  • Functional tests following IEC 62446-1 UK standard
  • Punch List follow up & signoff
  • Penalties & bonuses oversight
  • Legal support for warranties application
  • Provisional Acceptance, Intermediate Acceptance and Final Acceptance closing
  • Guarantee bonds management

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Service Outputs

The results of the Acceptance Processes can be easily conducted through the access to Ariadne web portal. There, all the details from site visits and the Live Punch Lists can be consulted directly by the client, to ensure that all the characteristics from the project are being met by the constructors.

QE Ariadne – Acceptance Processes Dashboard


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