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Service Description

From the very beginning, Quintas Energy understood that Asset Management as a service is incomplete without a full accounting package to support it. Quintas’ team has 15+ years of aggregated experience in finance and taxes in the renewable energy sector and has a unique understanding of the client’s financial reporting and preparation requirements.

Quintas Energy’s services are designed to improve the overall efficiency when managing audits, corporate taxes and loan compliance reporting, including the management of covenants and the calculation of debt coverage ratios.


The horizontal integration of technical, legal and financial processes grants Quintas Energy’s in-house teams’ direct access to information sources where they can retrieve production data, energy sales prices and other operating contracts.

Dynamic integration and the multi-skilled backgrounds of Quintas Energy’s teams allow it to deploy a full range of accounting services. This is essential to ensure the establishment of an optimal financial environment, up to date with the latest regulations and adaptable to the GAAP required in any country.


Service Main Features
  • Ariadne Financial Dashboard
  • Full-bookkeeping service
  • Variance analysis against financial model
  • Financial model updates
  • External audit support
  • Direct liaison with main stakeholders
  • Internal Control Environment (SOX & ISAE 3402)
  • Liaison with tax advisors, auditors and financial institutions

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Service Output

This guarantees precise and unbiased financial statement management and reporting, immune from material errors. Through the Ariadne web portal, clients have immediate access to the last updated data about the accountancy of their projects.

Ariadne – Financial Dashboard

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