Contract Optimisation

Service Description

Quintas Energy’s experience and process-driven culture can help to optimise contracts for the full operational effectiveness of the assets under management.

Quintas Energy effectively manages all rights and obligations arising from the different types of contracts linked to any renewable energy project. This, combined with a best-in-class document management tool, allows Quintas to offer adapted recommendations to clients in order to minimise project risks and reinforce their contractual rights. This helps to protect the projects’ revenue streams and minimise its operating expenses.


Contract optimisation can only be achieved through processes that control the enormous flow of contractual clauses and data. Quintas Energy’s unique combination of multidisciplinary processes and a complementary contract optimisation service can give asset owners greater control over every aspect of their investment to extract the maximum value of their contractual rights.

Service Main Features
  • QE Ariadne Contracts Dashboard
  • Broad contract types coverage
  • Operational, EPC, O&M, Energy Sales contracts
  • Multi-skilled & cross-team cooperation
  • Optimisation results in potential source of income

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Service Outputs

The in-house Contracts Dashboard included in Ariadne web portal aggregates all contractual information precisely prepared and reviewed by Quintas Energy’s lawyers. This offers a great overview on contract main relevant dates and details about third parties the projects need to fully operate.

Ariadne – Contracts Dashboard

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