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Service Description

Minimising contractual risks and enforcing contractual rights together translate into protecting revenues. Minimising risks starts with control of project documentation. With a thorough onboarding of this, QE ensures that the contracts of a solar portfolio can be properly managed along with their deadlines and obligations. The Contract Management team ensures that these obligations are met and gives feedback to the Engineering and Accounting teams, as well as to its clients, to help with contract interpretation.

Diligent contract management plays a major role in dealing with incidents. QE’s experience of Contract Management and its practical knowledge of renewable energy projects give our clients support and insights that mitigate risks promotes their strategic objectives and extracts the maximum value from their contractual rights.


The feedback loop does not stop where the site visit information reaches the technical managers; it continues to the Contract Management team to assess legal actions and a possible insurance claim, or even to involve the Loan Compliance team. Disputes and incidents are often settled through decisive action at management level and QE’s Legal team aims always to avoid escalating issue to external legal advisors unless all other measures have been tested.

Service Main Features
  • Ariadne Contracts Dashboard
  • Broad range of contracts expertise (operations, solar energy sales, EPC, O&M & many others)
  • QEConnect Document Management tool
  • Energy Sales contract management
  • Insurance contact management
  • Third party compliance checks
  • Deadlines & obligations control
  • Segregation of Duties during contractual reviews & updates

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Service Outputs

The in-house Contracts Dashboard included in Ariadne web portal aggregates all contractual information precisely prepared and reviewed by Quintas Energy’s lawyers. This offers a great overview on contract main relevant dates and details about third parties the projects need to fully operate.

Ariadne – Contracts Dashboard

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