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Service Description

Managing a portfolio of assets is a data-intensive process, which has increased in difficulty over the past years due to technological progress. For these situations, Quintas Energy can provide data tools and specialist engineers to analyse historic datasets of any asset – at different production levels – to identify potential root causes of underperformance, which can trigger an effective resolution plan.

Other Asset Managers do not reach the required level of granularity to solve problems and issues that may remain unidentified upon first superficial inspection. Quintas Energy has always recognised the importance of deep performance analysis in the optimisation of a renewable asset’s operational performance. Quintas use data extraction, transformation and loading ETL tools that allows taking all of the data, every day, from different SCADAs and other technologies.



In order to promptly tackle issues that otherwise would remain undetected, Quintas Energy’s systems and subject-matter experts can reach an unprecedented level of performance analysis that delivers valuable insights to mitigate operational risks, therefore extracting the maximum value from the assets. All this is done by applying advanced technological in-house solutions that go far beyond SCADAs. Quintas can deliver performance analysis at string level, RISO analyses and many other specialised performance reports.

All the information is stored in the cloud to do calculations and for visualisation with the most advanced business Analysis tools. All these advance tools allow Quintas engineers to focus on large data sets from the asset in Outlier Analyses, Rankings, Tendencies, Trendlines etc.

Service Main Features
  • Ariadne Digital Technical Advisor Dashboard
  • Deep performance analysis works
  • Trends analysis
  • Preventive maintenance insights
  • RISO Performance analysis
  • String level analysis
  • Component level assessment
  • Valuable tool when combined with Digital Asset Register

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Service Outputs

QE Ariadne web portal shows on a professional attire all the reports generated under the Digital Technical Advisor Dashboard. This tool is accessible 24/7 by the clients to be aware of the deep analysis works deployed on-site.

Ariadne Report – Deep Performance Analysis

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