Dynamic Asset Register

Service Description

Managing a portfolio of assets is a data-intensive process, which has increased in difficulty over the past years due to technological progress.

Nowadays, there is an increasing variation in renewable assets’ data structures. Also, growth in the size of the assets directly leads to an increase in the number of technological devices installed on them. This makes the reliability of data a key part of the asset’s operations. Quintas Energy creates a digital twin of each asset it manages. This is particularly useful, as it allows the asset manager to gain an unprecedented level of detail about every component on the site.


Through a cloud-based solution, Quintas Energy counts on a hierarchical device structure with all the devices’ information digitalised and standardized to manage the asset more effectively. This tool compiles all the information in one place and enables Quintas Energy personnel to maintain a complete audit trail and store high-value information of every step performed during the management of the assets.

Service Main Features
  • QE Ariadne Digital Asset Register Dashboard
  • Supports effective spare parts strategy
  • Allows management at component level
  • Direct liaison with institutions for regulated components replacements
  • Digital Single Line Diagram
  • Replacement devices tracker
  • Effective management of component guarantees

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Service Outputs

All asset register outputs are contained into an online and secured QE client’s portal: Ariadne. This tool offers to clients a rich and relevant content derived from the single line hierarchical diagram of all components of each of their sites.

QE Ariadne – Digital Asset Register


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