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Supervision of EPC performance during the construction phase avoids the appearance of hidden defects later and ensures a smooth transition to the operation phase.

Investors usually look for new, better-rated technical advisors, whose work is often compromised by their lack of independence from EPCs or O&M companies. Quintas Energy responds to this situation by offering detailed and unbiased supervision of third parties involved in the construction and commissioning of the assets. Quintas Energy’s continued supervision of the EPC ensures that all works are performed adequately. Furthermore, it ensures that the correct decisions are made during the construction and the commissioning phases.


Independent EPC supervision ensures that the constructor is carrying out its milestones according to contractual obligations.

The better the initial construction, the better overall performance the asset will have during its complete lifespan. This is particularly important for investment projects that rely on high-performing renewable assets.

Service Main Features
  • Direct oversight of EPC works
  • Construction overruns control
  • EPC milestones approval & checks
  • Guarantees management
  • Gives clarity to non-technical users
  • Cost-effective Specialist Service that ensures upcoming economical benefits in the future for the asset

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Construction Phase Dashboard

Construction Phase Dashboard

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