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Site visits are an important part of any Asset Management process. Quintas Energy’s dedicated teams carry out over 1,000 visits annually and their experience is a valuable resource not only for Asset Management clients but also for asset owners who need additional or ad hoc visits to control their sites effectively.

The quality of Quintas Energy’s inspections comes from the feedback loop between the field team and the backoffice structure, which empowers Quintas’ Operation Managers to locate and analyse issues efficiently. The breadth of their experience and references makes it possible for them to assess technical issues, site conditions and contractor performance, more precisely in all areas including O&M best practice, land management, security systems, on-site spare parts, the monitoring system and the contractors’ approach to Health & Safety.


All this is supported by Quintas Energy’s certification under the ISO 55001 standard, which proves the company’s commitment to best industry practices in the independent management of assets.

Furthermore, Quintas Energy has developed an in-house digital application (Ariadne Site Visit App), which combines all the site visit information a precise and accurate detection and location of the main incidents.

Quintas Energy also has an Aerial Inspection team that can be engaged in isolation or as part of a site inspection to offer additional insights about the asset’s current status.

Service Main Features
  • Ariadne Site Visit App
  • Special equipment to deploy diverse and valuable technical tests
  • Civil visits
  • Supervision of remedial works
  • Earthing tests & insulation tests
  • Feedback Loop management
  • Punch List follow up with the client
  • Site visits bespoke reports

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Ariadne Site Visit App

Ariadne Site Visit App

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