Independent Incident Management

Service Description

Quintas Energy’s main goal is to achieve clients’ strategic objectives. This can only be done through processes that control any exceptional situation or incidents that occur on-site. Therefore, it is key to maintain communication and liaise periodically with a broad range of third parties (EPCs, O&Ms, Insurers, landlords, etc.).

Quintas Energy provides independent management of critical incidents that require a specific follow-up to obtain optimal solutions. This leads to a potential reduction in repair times and the minimisation of production losses or any other derived risks. Independent third-party incident management combines liaison with all parties involved, incident information gathering, engaging with experts, witnessing and testing, assessing potential systemic recurrence and detailed reporting to the client.


Depending on the agreed scope with the clients, this service can provide a deep level of analysis of component level incidents (inverters, strings, switchgears, etc.). Quintas Energy has a proven-track record in managing incidents of an aggregated and global portfolio of 2.5GW+. Its vast in-house incident database allows Quintas to manage the resolution of incidents with a proven methodological approach, backed by the ISO 55001 Asset Management Standard accreditation.

Service Main Features
  • Incidents management
  • Incident resolution management
  • Detailed audit trail
  • Direct liaison with 3rd parties
  • QE Insurance team support
  • Potential claims assessment
  • Claims economical impact evaluation

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Service Outputs

Ariadne – Inicidents Management Dashboard

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