Monitoring, Measurement & Verification

Service Description

Through methodical monitoring, measurement and verification of all data and information flow, Quintas Energy creates the basis for generating essential insights and precise KPI calculations for better management of the assets.

The essential starting point of Asset Management is to have a detailed knowledge of the assets themselves. This includes an understanding of their technical characteristics, design,  arrangement and construction. The performance of operators and constructors can then be continually analysed through back-office operations.


The uninterrupted monitoring of each project, in addition to the quantification, measurement and verification of its performance, allows Quintas Energy to retrieve essential information from the raw data gathered from different sources.

This service combines the three ‘intelligences’ that move the Energy and Asset Management sectors forward; Human  Intelligence, that helps Quintas Energy reach reliable conclusions (in the form of subject matter expertise); Artificial Intelligence, to allow for a more effective examination of  data; and Business Intelligence, used for gaining insights into how to reach clients’ strategic objectives.

Service Main Features
  • Ariadne Technical Dashboard
  • Daily monitoring of plant performance
  • Incidents linkage at inverter level
  • Monthly review of KPIs
  • Variance analysis against financial model
  • Digital Technical Advisor Services
  • QEConnect clients’ access for periodical checks
  • Plant’s performance overall analysis

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Service Outputs

Monitoring, measurement and verification allow Quintas Energy to collect data from its customers’ assets in a secured context so that high-quality information and insights are available to all stakeholders. Quintas Energy’s BI solution offers interactive reports to perform periodical checks on the plant performance, based on subject-matter expert technical works.

Ariadne – Technical Dashboard


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