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Service Description

Renewable energy projects, regardless of the country in which they are located, require a high level of compliance when it comes to permits, licenses and authorisations. Quintas Energy’s expertise in this area allows it to manage and advise on the main obligations and rights resulting from regulatory requirements.

Quintas Energy has managed more than 400 projects across 3 continents (Australasia, Europe and North America). This has endowed its teams with extensive experience in managing permits, licenses and authorizations of all types (including grant schemes, municipal authorisations, planning permits, etc.). This is only possible through extensive contacts with different interlocutors such as municipal authorities and governmental institutions.



Quintas Energy offers a complete management solution for the maintenance of permits, licences and authorisations, as well as all related obligations of clients’ assets. 


Service Main Features
  • Permits, Licenses and Authorisations management in QEConnect
  • Ariadne Contracts Dashboard
  • Key supports during the development and construction phases
  • Management of renewals, compliance and deadlines
  • Direct subject-matter expert liaison with Authorities
  • International proven-track record in dealing with PLAs

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Service Outputs

The in-house Contracts Dashboard included in Ariadne web portal aggregates all contractual information precisely prepared and reviewed by Quintas Energy’s lawyers. This offers a great overview on contract main relevant dates and details about third parties the projects need to fully operate.

Ariadne – Contracts Dashboard (with PLAs section)

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